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Network Integration - IT Infrastructure

Innovative Business Concepts provides an unparalleled comprehensive IT solution, from needs review to design, implementation, training, and support.


Our service packages are significantly different from that offered by any other software services company, anywhere.  


None of our competitors can match our prices, either.

The hardware and software that makes up your computer network forms a tool that is used by every employee in your company throughout every work day (and many evenings and weekends!). Even if a particular employee doesn't work directly at a keyboard, he or she is probably working from a report or form produced by another employee who uses the system. 


Even small improvements in the way your network operates, multiplied over all employees in your firm, provide immense benefits. Conversely, small inconveniences, multiplied over all employees in your firm, impose gargantuan costs on the organization.

We understand how important it is to empower your employees with reliable, highly productive tools with which to do their work. 

IBC offers a set of services and philosophies designed for intelligent, forward-thinking companies wanting to experience the leverage created by providing their employees with the best tools available to do their work.

At IBC, we believe that our unique, proprietary set of services and philosophies is unmatched by our competitors — whose only mission is to sell and install disparate software, pieces and parts.


IBC partners with HP to provide the key technology components of an enterprise IT infrastructure, including enterprise storage, servers, desktops, portables and devices.



IBC's integration specialists are experienced with many types of solutions including:

- Itanium® -based servers 
- ProLiant™ and Pentium®/Xeon™-based servers 
- NonStop™ servers 
- Telco and carrier-grade servers

Storage area networks (SANs), disk arrays, network-attached storage (NAS), tape and automated backup, server-based storage, disks, storage media, DVD and CD products 


Software and operating systems for tasks such as network management, client management, storage management, clustering technologies, and security 

- print servers and network software switches and hubs 
- hp procurve networking switches & hubs 
- wireless solutions 

PCs and Workstations
- business desktops 
- business laptops 
- thin clients 
- tablets 
- Intel® architecture-based workstations 
- monitors, options, accessories and more… 

Printing and Multifunction Devices
- printers 
- multifuntion / all-in-one 
- large format printers / plotters 
- supplies and accessories 
- copiers and fax products 
- print servers and network software 
- digital printing solutions 

Digital Imaging
- scanners and digital imaging
- digital projectors



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