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IBC1 | Accounting Systems | Customized ERP Software Solutions
IBC1 | Accounting Systems | Customized ERP Software Solutions

IBC Offers Legacy Operating System Support.

Do you have older versions of software, such as Sage Pro ERP or SBT VisionPoint?


If you do, and you like it, IBC can help keep your entire enterprise up to speed, streamlined, current and working well. 

Have you lost your reseller?  

Do you need emergency technical support? 

Do you need SBT Pro Series, ACCPAC Pro or Sage Pro ERP help? 


At IBC, we take pride in how we provide prompt assistance.  


We have been handling SBT Accounting Software (also known as “ACCPAC" or "Sage") solutions since 1983.  IBC has programmers on staff who can help you with your requirements for updating, customizing and staff training, as well as 24/7 remote (off-site) or scheduled on-site technical support.  

You don’t need to scrap your software. You have options.

SBT Accounting, SBT Pro Series 5.0 and SBT VisionPoint were created before Windows 7.  You may have some issues getting it to run on newer operating systems, and IBC can help.   ACCPAC VisionPoint is a little easier to keep running but can still have issues.  

Customization, Workarounds & Fixes


We will continue to customize legacy and all sold older-version products if you feel they are the best solution for your business needs.


We then will provide lifetime support if and as needed.


With IBC, you get many innovative options. 

Export to Excel

Our export to excel utility allows you to export report data from Vision Point to Excel and extend the reporting capability of your Vision Point software.  You can also use this tool to interface data to other systems.




Sometimes the software just won't run on that new operating system or that new PC.  We offer virtualization services to allow you to run the software in a "virtual environment” for older versions of VisionPoint that won't run on Windows 7 natively nor on Windows 7 using the XP virtual machine.



Upgrades, Modifications &  Sage Pro Conversions

If you want to move to another software system we can help, too.  We can take you through the conversion path with the utilities built into Sage products or through other platforms.


Legacy Payroll Support

We can help with payroll support, including tax rate modifications and updated W2s and reports, or if you need to export information to third-party printing, mailing or data-submission supplier. 


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