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IBC is dedicated to providing powerful, efficient and
cost-effective solutions, no matter what hosting needs
you may have


From pre-designed packages for maximized cost-effectiveness to our custom solution capabilities, IBC has the pieces you need for success. Our 99.9% SLAs ensure your business will be running during mission-critical hours, with no unexpected down-time. We offer our customers an alternative to the insecure hosting methods most hosting companies use.







Our high-speed servers are connected to the Internet via multiple redundant backbone providers — for the ultimate in performance and reliability. All of our hosting services feature 24/7 toll-free technical support and 99.99%-uptime guarantees to ensure your complete and total satisfaction.

IBC's Remote Hosting & Co-Location 


Co-Location provides you with the total control, flexibility and reliability that you need to maintain a successful online presence.

By having IBC provide you with your own server hardware, you can save big! Housed in our secure facility, your servers will be connected to the Internet via our fully-burstable, safe and scalable network, featuring either single-homed Tier 1, or multi-homed redundant bandwidth.

Get, and give, instant access to critical data


Now, more than ever, companies are looking to offer their staff, partners and customers instant access to critical data, whether it's found on desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices. IBC's web-enabled application installations have helped thousands of companies in the Southern California area cut licensee costs, offer anytime/anywhere information access, control the level of sensitive data sharing for various protected users as well as tailor feature-sets to a particular audience.

IBC offers you affordable web-enabled solutions for a range of applications — from accounting software and distributor portals to sales pipeline and customer relationship management. We also offer strategy, planning, design and development of custom applications to integrate with any system set-up in any specialized industry.  




We possess the technical expertise and resources to successfully deploy everything from complex, large- scale, integrated systems that transform the way you do business, to small, fast turnaround mobile Apps or website projects. In providing the most advanced solutions, we know how to continually adopt, adapt and seek out new ways to become the experts in the latest technologies. 


Technology services:



  • Full eCommerce solutions, even high-order, multi-SKU sites

  • Online transactions management 

  • Web-based database development, migration & archiving 

  • Reporting systems 

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