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Build settings and workflows that can be modified for use across multiple departments.  


Why Laserfiche?

Create core solutions and cost-effectively add additional users and software features as your operations evolve.

Rapid user on-boarding

Employees at all levels can start using IBC’s Laserfiche right away with the standard Microsoft skillsets that the employees already know, reducing training time and ensuring user satisfaction.

Straightforward administration

Set up and control repository and user settings at any time with a secure, web-based administration dashboard.


One-click integration

Connect directly with line-of-business applications, including Salesforce, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Gmail — no coding required. 

Whether your organization is looking to go paperless, manage digital content or automate business processes, IBC is here to bring your business the ideal enterprise content management (ECM) solution.



IBC can help you make an immediate impact on your bottom line with Laserfiche document and business process management systems customized to fit perfectly into your daily procedures.

Streamline back-office operations

Accomplish work faster by eliminating the manual tasks and overhead of processing paperwork.

Reduce the burden of finding documents with instant search and retrieval.

Increase staff efficiency by automating document filing, forms-filling and processing.

Reclaim office space and decrease overhead costs of paper use and storage.








IBC & Laserfiche help improve information access and transparency

Ensure that documents are instantly available and easily searchable.

Digitize and centralize files into one secure system.

Create, save and share documents from the Microsoft applications employees use every day.























Boost customer service by securely publishing documents to web portals.

Improve collaboration with simultaneous document access and versioning.


Streamline everyday document-centric tasks, too

Increase efficiency by automating repetitive, paper-based processes.

Expedite data input and review with customizable workflow and e-forms design tools.

Eliminate bottlenecks in document review and approval with automatic routing and notifications.


Share documents with applications like GIS, CRM, ERP systems for quick access to complete project files.

Boost staff productivity with reports on every business process step.

Configure without complexity

Meet the needs of individual users and departments without sacrificing centralized security standards.

Create and manage document repositories, e-forms and workflows without dedicated IT resources.

Control access to folders, document templates and document text by employee role.

Inherit group security settings and sign on using Windows login credentials.





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